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by: phoebe russell

The Dressing Room is here to serve women who want to be thoughtful in how they show up in the world. 

we are here for the women who for a long time have put everyone else first… and for the first time in a while looks in the mirror and says i want this for me. 

who we serve

why we do it

The Dressing room was created in 2023 by a woman who believes in the power of fashion as a voice. She is a supporter of the people behind the product. The seamstress, the knitter, the cobbler. And above all she is a supporter in helping women find their own unique spin on dressing herself.

how to work with us

Reach out to us now by scheduling a discovery call so we can  learn about you and your closet. 

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our weekly fashion round-ups

Let The Dressing Room help you cultivate your own styled story. Weekly round ups take the questioning out of outfit planning with inspired and curated outfits. Each week; we will post a complete outfit ready for you to walk out the door feeling confident. Feeling beautiful feels good.